disclaimer & terms of use

Terms of Use:

1.  we will not be held responsible for accuracy of information posted here

2. we do not guarantee accuracy in our content

3.  we will be held harmless from any harm caused by any photos posted on this site including but not limited to reputation, character, damages, or any other consequence arising from being posted here.

4. no person reading this blog will hold us libel for what we say or display.  the content on the blog is simply the opinion of the blogger and is not guaranteed to be accurate or factual.  no content on this blog is intended to malign any religion ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, OR anyone or thing alive, dead, or zombie.

5. we do not claim responsibility for photos submitted by third parties, or photos posed by ourselves, the bloggers.  these are opinions only and NOT TRUE IN ANY SENSE.

6. we are not responsible nor will we be held liable for anything anyone says in the comments.

7. our intention is to do no harm, simply to gain a laugh.  if we have posted something that is personally hurtful to you, either let us know and we will remove the post or simply do not look at this blog ever again.

8. damages will be limited to $1.00


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