Microsoft Store… Corporate Douches

Have you ever been on vacation and woke up in the morning and forgot where you were?  Well if you woke up in a Microsoft store and didn’t know that Microsoft Stores existed, you probably would think that you were in an Apple Store.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  They copied everything…right down to the solid colored t-shirts with the logo in the middle of the chest.  Microsoft is always several steps behind Apple, and their marketing department is no exception.  See for yourself…

Then I saw this…

You know that all of the employees are completely embarrassed and thinking “I bet they don’t have to do this at Apple”.  I went in there one time with my brother to mock their products, and a guy tried to sell me a Zune.  He said that it was better than their “competitor”.  I said “Do you mean Apple”, while pulling out my iphone.  Then I called someone on mine… I won.


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One Response to “Microsoft Store… Corporate Douches”

  1. Devan Says:

    That clip made that seem like the longest song ever….lol

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