Justin Beiber… Little Boy Douche

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that this little kid is a douche for being famous and having the voice of a little girl.  Good for him on making it big.  Good for him for making a ton of money.  Good for him for being able to get almost any girl between the ages of 8 and 17.  But there is NO excuse for a little kid from smalltown Canada to talk like he’s been ridin dirty in the ATL all of his life!  He just moved there.  People shouldn’t become douches that fast!

I heard that the kid has a “swagger” coach… Yea, a swagger coach.


One Response to “Justin Beiber… Little Boy Douche”

  1. Alicia Loewen Says:

    People who point at you instead of waving or any other normal greeting are always douches.

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