Drunk Chick… Douche?

Submitted by: Molly

You know that ridiculously annoying drunk girl who’s always screaming, crying and passing out everywhere? She’s a douche, but we still love her.

I know some women don’t like to be called “chicks” because it’s degrading… but I don’t think this young lady is worried too much about being degraded by being called a chick.  Drunk chicks can be fun and interesting.  Just make sure that you’re not her closest friend there, or you’ll be this schlub, having to Navy SEAL her all the way home. -DM


2 Responses to “Drunk Chick… Douche?”

  1. tony bisson Says:

    You definitely don’t want to be Drunk Chick’s keeper if you can help it. Just make sure she doesn’t choke on vomit or use the sidewalk as a pillow.

  2. jac Says:

    i hear that female douche bags are supposed to be called douche baguettes.

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