John Mayer… Douche

I know a lot of you may disagree with me on this, but John Mayor is a real douche.

I have three main reasons for thinking this:

1) He broke up with Jennifer Aniston… What were you thinking John!!!

2) Do those tatoos belong on a man that wrote “Daughters”?

3) This:

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7 Responses to “John Mayer… Douche”

  1. Antidouche Says:

    There are so many douchie nuggets in the latest rolling stone interview with him that it is a must read.

  2. Suki Says:

    the acid green cock strap redeems him! all is forgiven..

  3. kelliq Says:

    I think these things make him kind of awesome.

  4. Chung Says:

    Your #1 reason is so uncompelling and I agree with Suki – the Borat outfit redeems him a million times over. As if he has to be the least bit apologetic for not wanting to stay with Aniston….

    • thedouchemaster Says:

      Looks like I struck a nerve with you and John Mayer. I firmly stand by my post. My brother didn’t agree with me either… I don’t care. John’s a douche, albeit a very talented douche. But a douche nonetheless.

    • thedouchemaster Says:

      Dear Chung,

      In light of the new douchebaggery that solidifies John Mayer as a douchebag, I will allow you to apologize to me. He is a douche, and throwing former girlfriends under the bus makes him that much more of one.

      Your Friend,

      The Douche Master

  5. Kristen Says:

    This made me think of your blog:
    Mr. Mayer has made it to the asshole category for sure. Awesome blog by the way, fun stuff.

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